Welcome, State Coordinator

The State Coordinator (SC) is responsible for coordinating with the NIMAC on behalf of your state, and designating and managing the state’s NIMAC Authorized Users.

  • If you are a newly named State Coordinator, welcome to the NIMAC!
  • The primary purpose of your NIMAC account is to provide you access to the system so you can manage your Authorized Users.
  • To update the SC account for your state, please download, fill out, and sign the NIMAC Coordination Agreement. Then just email the scanned document back to us. (You can also mail the hard copy to us at the address found on the document, if you prefer.)

NEW! If you would also like to designate yourself as an Authorized User, the NIMAC v3 system now provides State Coordinators the option of accessing both the State Coordinator and Authorized User system functionality with a single login. See the video below for details or contact the NIMAC for more information!



NIMAC V3 for State Coordinators

Hybrid State Coordinator Accounts