NIMAC stands for the “National Instructional Materials Access Center.”

Created by IDEA 2004, we are a federally-funded, searchable online file repository of K-12 print textbooks in the XML-based NIMAS format.

For the complete legislative language in IDEA 2004 regarding the NIMAC, visit NIMAS and AIM in IDEA.

Based on the DAISY standard, NIMAS itself is not intended for distribution directly to students – generally, it requires conversion to become a fully-accessible textbook equivalent for students with print disabilities.


The Accessible Materials Process:

State or Local Education agencies require NIMAS in their print book purchase agreements with publishers. Publishers create NIMAS files for required K-12 instructional materials and submit them to NIMAC. NIMAC validates, performs quality control and catalogs submitted files using the NIMAC online system. Authorized Users and Accessible Media Producers download NIMAS files and produce accessible formats. Accessible formats are distributed to students, parents and teachers via their school or organizations like APH, state instructional resource centers, Bookstore, and Learning Ally.

State and local educational agencies, and the accessible media producers they choose, use the NIMAC to download NIMAS files; they then convert the files into accessible materials including braille, digital audio, DAISY text, DAISY audio, large print, or other student-ready formats.

  • Over 125 K-12 educational publishers have submitted files to the NIMAC.
  • More than 45,100 NIMAS files are available in the NIMAC.
  • All 50 states, plus all the eligible territories, have coordinated with the NIMAC.
  • SEAs have designated over 200 Authorized Users, and 221 Accessible Media Producers have registered with the NIMAC.
  • Our online system gives states and media producers 24/7 access to NIMAS source files.
  • NIMAC accounts are available to Authorized Users, Accessible Media Producers, State or Local Education Coordinators, and publishers.

The NIMAC Advisory Council provides NIMAC with input on policy issues from a broad range of stakeholders. The current members are: NIMAC Advisory Council.

Do you need help obtaining student-ready formats or getting “plugged in” to your state system? More Resources.

For technical assistance in converting NIMAS to accessible formats, visit the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials.

What is the NIMAC?

How To Use NIMAC